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Wreckage (short movie | 23′ | 2019)

Director | Editor

Ralph is a man struggling against his own creative block, haunted by his past and by recurring visions of his deceased father.

Produced by NTV Cine e Video
Poster / Marina Pires

This is Not a Robbery ( documentary | 70′ | 2018)

Seven thieves, seven hours, a robbery, hundreds of hostages and a mystery. The documentary ‘Assalto ao Banestado’ tells the story of a legendary bank robbery at the Banestado bank on the day of 10th of December of 1987 in Londrina, South of Brazil. Led by a man only known as Moreno, a group of robbers with no background in crime decided to improvise a theft in a bank without an escape route and with unpredictable consequences. The movie interview victims, police officers, journalists, local authorities and the robbers themselves to solve the puzzle of what really happened that afternoon.

Produced by Kinopus Audiovisual

The landscape of Blood (Feature | 90 ‘ | 2017)


At the countryside of Mato Grosso, the mysterious killer Zé das Mortes is rescued from prison and receives a mysterious mission; he needs to assassinate three names that the slippery lawyer nicknamed as Mané Lagarto gives him. In his journey, Zé das Mortes needs to confront his inner demons and unveils something about his dark past. Script development approved by PRODAV 04/2014.

Script development approved through public funding PRODAV 04/2014

The Hunt (short movie |13′ | 2017)

Director | Screenwriter | Editor

A man takes his son to hunt for the first time at a family property. The hunt brings back memories of a dark past.

Produced by ScriPitch

Official Selection at the 19º Festival Kinoarte de Cinema. (Londrina, Brazil)

Semi-finalist at the International Festival of San Mauro (STIFF. Torino, Italy)

Honorable Mention at Yes! Let’s Make a Film Festival 2018 (Montreal, Canada)

Official Selection in the Short Foreign Movies Exhibition at Castel Volturno Città di Cinema Festival 2018 (Castel Volturno, Italy)

Playing with Science (TV Series | 13 episodes (169′) | 2016-17)


TV Series produced by Kinopus Audiovisual.
Broadcasted by TV Cultura and TV Brasil

East West (Feature | 90′ | 2015)

1st Assistant Director

Van Gogh Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2017

Best Narrative Movie at the Erie International Film Festival 2016

Best Actor (Felipe Kannenberg) and Best Actress (Simone Illiescu) at the Pernambuco Cinema Festival 2016

The Swimmer (Series Episode for ESPN Brazil | 26′ | 2014)

Assistant Director | Assistant Producer | Making Of

Mister H (short movie | 18′ | 2014)

Runner | Trailer Editor | Directed by Bernard Payen.

Produced by Senso Films.

Official Selection at the 25ª KinoForum (International Short Movies Festival of São Paulo)

Official Selection at 8ª CineBH (Cinema Festival of Belo Horizonte).

Awarded at the 34e Festival international du film d’Amiens with the Prix des Enfants de la Licorne (section compétition courts métrages européens) and Prix de la Maison d’arrêt d’Amiens (Prix du quartier femmes)

Parque Guanabara (short movie | 13′ | 2013)

Screenwriter | Assistant Director

Produced by Filmes do Leste. An episode of the TV Series ‘Londrina Sonora’, broadcasted by RPCTV.