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Gone, Gone Again

Poem by Edward Thomas

Gone, gone again,

May, June, July,

And August gone,

Again gone by,

Not memorable

Save that I saw them go,

As past the empty quays

The rivers flow.

And now again,

In the harvest rain,

The Blenheim oranges

Fall grubby from the trees,

As when I was young—

And when the lost one was here—

And when the war began

To turn young men to dung.

Look at the old house,

Outmoded, dignified,

Dark and untenanted,

With grass growing instead

Of the footsteps of life,

The friendliness, the strife;

In its beds have lain

Youth, love, age, and pain:

I am something like that;

Only I am not dead,

Still breathing and interested

In the house that is not dark:—

I am something like that:

Not one pane to reflect the sun,

For the schoolboys to throw at— They have broken every one.

Nektar Island (09/06/2022)

The Nektar Island crew had a chat with the special guests Jonathan and Natasha Murphy, director and producer for the indie feature thriller “My One and Only”, a tale of love and obsession adapted for the big screen from the BBC Radio drama by Dawn King.

The movie will have its world premiere at Barnes Film Festival later this month. Tickets are available at🎥

West London Screen Group x Marcel Grant

In the February edition of the Screen Group West London, we had the special presence of the director and producer Marcel Grant, talking about independent filmmaking.

Marcel Grant is a British independent filmmaker based in London, who has written and directed four feature films, Open My Eyes (2016) Coffee Sex You (2014), Just Inès (2010), and What’s Your Name 41? (2005). Grant is the founder of MAMA Film Worx and the WSFF film festival and brand. He is currently filming a one hour documentary The Late Great ‘78 about his personal experience as a seventeen-year-old in 1978, featuring Grace Jones and Amanda Lear, due for release in early 2022.

The Late Great 78 – Trailer

Was 1978 the ‘Glamour’s Golden Sunset’?

This is the bold claim made by filmmaker Marcel Grant in his new film which – through archive footage along with contemporary interviews – documents the star-studded decadence of a scene in which the chic and famous of the world’s major cities partied like there was no tomorrow.

Directed and Written by Marcel Grant

Produced by Rafael Ceribelli

Cinematography by Marina Pires

Edited by Nacho

A Mama Film Worx and ScriPitch Media production ©

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