Since the beginning of this year our team has been working on a new project that was made from scratch and now – this very weekend – is born in full shape. The project is called ScriPitch, and it’s basically a collaborative platform where independent screenwriters (or anyone!) can upload their film ideas and (un)finished scripts, and pitch them to a select group of production companies and to other fellow screenwriters.

At ScriPitch, we believe that every good idea deserves a shot. We personally make sure that the ScriPitch family (now growing exponentially all around the world) is composed only by members with one common feeling: the mixed passion of storytelling, cinema and filmmaking.

It is free.
It is simple.
And it’s a chance to make it work.

The idea of ScriPitch sounded good?
We are asking all our friends for their invaluable support spreading the word – to do that, like us on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/scripitch) and follow us on Twitter (@scripitch). Most importantly, TELL everyone about ScriPitch! Last but not least, feel free to create an account and pitch away your own projects! It will be a pleasure and an honor to have you all onboard with us.

ScriPitch will be officially launched on Sunday, 18th August, 23:59 Greenwich time.


Kind regards,

The ScriPitch team.